Monday, June 28, 2010

My Local Laundry Service

A few doors down from the hotel is a little set of steps, leading to a little blue glass door. If you open that door and walk in, you crash into clothes hanging from the ceiling. It doesn't seem to bother the two ladies who work there, because they are even shorter than me (no comments from the peanut gallery, thankyou). They are very nice ladies who will wash, steam, mend, adjust, and press your clothes for a fifth of the price the hotel charges. I took in 2 dresses, two pairs of suit pants, and four business shirts the other day, it cost 32RMB to have them all cleaned and pressed for me, and took 48hrs. Totally worth it, and check out the overlocker they use!


  1. They have a sewing machine, but I don't know if they make from scratch. If they do I will definitely have some clothes made :)

  2. I'm wondering if having your laundry done isn't as little bourgeois in a nominally communist country. Woops, that may get the internet police knocking at your door. Oh well, sorry.

  3. Ah, the beauty of VPN is that the Chinese Police have no idea what I'm doing on the internet :) And... well... I'm living in a hotel...