Sunday, January 26, 2014

Our Hotel in Kyoto

This was our hotel in Kyoto... The Grand Prince Hotel. It was beautiful, but over-priced. It's the kind-of hotel where not only are the rooms expensive, but you have to pay extra for EVERYTHING! no complimentary tea or coffee, no coin laundry, not even an iron. Fantastic if you are on a business trip and you just want the hotel to take care of everything for you, but inconvenient otherwise. They did however offer currency exchange at a better rate than the airport :)

Our first night in Japan

This was dinner on our first night in Japan. As you can see by the clock, once we got off the plane, on the train and found our way to our hotel in Osaka, it was late. We were tired. The convenience store was open. Dinner only cost us about $2.50 each, and it was actually pretty tasty :)

French Disappointment

For Years I have been visiting French Twist In South Brisbane. The service, food and coffee have always been good. When I found myself at Chermside the other day, we stopped in for a coffee at the French Twist there. Extremely disappointing!

Between three of us we ordered a cherry danish, latte, soy latte and caramel latte. When the latte and cherry danish came out it was instead a blueberry danish. When the soy latte and caramel latte came out, people added their desired amounts of sugar to their coffees, tasted them, and then realised that the waitress had given the wrong coffees to the wrong people. When I asked the waitress to fix our coffees because she had given us the wrong ones, she didn't believe me and argued with me until I explained to her that the coffee she had given me had caramel in it, so she had either given me the caramel latte, or the barista had put caramel in the wrong coffee. I then got bad attitude and was told that it wasn't her fault, the barista hold told her which coffee was which. You know what... I don't care who's fault it is, just say 'I'm sorry that happened' and FIX IT! We waited for 20 minutes, our replacement coffee didn't arrive, and it didn't look like they were planning on making them anytime soon. By that time my stomach wasn't feeling great - I'm lactose intolerant, and the normal milk wasn't sitting well, so we got a refund and left.

Given my fondness for the French Twist in South Brisbane, the whole experience was just one big disappointment!