Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ehck, Somebody Kill Me Already

I have been in Harbin for just over a week now and I have been sick the entire time. I think it's the poor air quality, because I have done nothing but cough since I got here - which is great when you are trying to teach English. Consequently I informed my boss today that I only want a six-month contract, and when asked why I told him it is because I think Harbin makes me sick. He seemed to accept that, but we will see what happens, and how much sicker I get (and what the Chinese doctor who does the medical for my visa says). You never know - I may be home much quicker than anticipated.

I tried to buy lemons from the grocery store the other day (you can't get them at the markets), but they have this peculiar system where you find some lady in the fruit and vege section of the supermarket to weigh them and give you a barcode before you take them to the counter... Long story short, I still don't have lemons. But if you look to the left there, you will see everything else in my arsenal at the moment, all of which (except for the nurofen from Australia - yay!) you can buy over the counter (or the grocery store) here, no prescription... Don't worry, I'm not taking them all at once, it's just that everytime I tried to buy lozenges I came out with, well, something else. But I have lozenges now.

What they call honey here... isn't. It is what you would get if you took actual honey, added sugar, then diluted it by half with water. Tomorrow I am going to attempt to buy a vapouriser. Humidifiers seem to be all the rage here, but they just aren't the same.

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